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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keller Williams Coaching and Training: One Day Courses

Keller Williams Coaching and Training: One Day Courses: Book classes here 1. One day class:  MegaListing Success  For agents who want more listings DISC - are listings your thing? Listing...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Patton Property Group Presents Hiring Opportunities with Tyler Elstrom a...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Check out the power of utilizing video for selling your home, and the power of a listing storyboard that brings your home to life!

Rowena Patton interviewed by John Pohly, February 2013.
Listing storyboard at MegaTech Listing Storyboard featured on Spotlight Carolina

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Latest Housing and market Figures for Asheville NC real estate

SEE the charts here
See the latest Asheville NC and mountain market figures at
In 2012, Buncombe County accounted for as much in sales dollar volume as the 19 other counties in the Western North Carolina MLS combined...
True or false: Buncombe County also accounted for as many units—homes sold—as all other counties in the MLS.
Answer: False—with its average residential home (SFR, TH, Con) of $247, 063, which is significantly above almost all other counties in the MLS, fewer units needed to be sold to dominate 50% of the regions dollar volume. Still, Buncombe accounted for 45% of the units sold in the MLS.
Pics too small to see data? 
SEE the charts here
See the latest Asheville NC and mountain market figures at


Friday, September 14, 2012

Marketing Examples from Patton Property Group

Type: Blog. Sellers love the opportunity to post "seller says" 

This is a blog site where we post what we call our "listing story boards" - this consists of a walking-tour video, a 'realtor' description of the home, and most importantly, what the "seller says" about the home, their neighborhood, where they eat, shop, etc. The "interview" with the seller is usually done online, with this kind of form

The link to each listing story board is shared with the seller, and the seller is asked to send it out to their entire email list, asking their friends and family to comment on why they love the area. The link can also be posted using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. 

Once the sellers have joined the effort, we reach out to the restaurants, and other venues that the seller has mentioned, and we tell them that "Sarah" has given a shout out to their restaurant, and if they wouldn't mind, it would be great if they could return the favor and post on her blog. We send the link so that they can do that. A personal visit is more powerful - imagine what the restaurant thinks now.....

If you like the way these blogs are put together, and feel the need for some help with educational blogs, check out this link for a demo with getvyral

Questions? Post them at the end of this blog.

Type: Blog. Makes for more interesting email drips and a useful library for team
 This is our educational blog. Postings include market updates, radio show podcasts, topical information. If you need some help in producing a video blog, and topics that go alongside the video, check out getvyral

Main website blog
Type: Blog 
All types of topics go on here, including re-worded postings from the other blog sites

TV: WLOS ABC News 13

Great branding, also useful for drip emails, social media marketing, and a great library for the team
Example of spot
Type: Website

Many 'quick search' or what we call 'easy buttons' and includes video on home page. Thousands of topic pages built over the last 5 years. 

Type: Social Media
Ro uses a personal page,
as well as a business page

Patton Property Group @ KW also has 30 or more 'niche' pages so that we can post specific types of homes, as well as adding advertising to a specific audience.

Questions? Post them at the end of this blog.

Type: Social Media
This is our repository for videos, before we embed them in something else. Every video starts here, and every video is then embedded somewhere else. For example, see client testimonials on website or blogs

Type:Social Media
Tweeting on videos, topics etc

Radio Show
Weekly show on a talk radio station that discusses today's topics in real estate. We have a 'posse' of our 'outside' real estate team, including a builder, loan officer, inspector, appraiser, all of whom add their unique perspective on the topic. Example podcast - we leverage the simple sound podcast to a video with text - creating a landing page. 

If you like the way the podcast is presented (see link above), you may want to check in to BombBomb, who are the company I recommend for video emails. Shockingly easy to use. Remember to use it for landing pages as well as email.

Our Certified approach brings our sellers more money and a faster sale.  Certified = Appraised - Inspected and offering a home warranty.

At the listing appointment, sellers agree to a SIRP - Strategic Incremental Reduction Plan of anywhere between $100 and $10,000 per week for 20 weeks. This keeps the home on the hot list weekly, as well as keeping it going out to property email drips. They can choose to decline the price drop, however noone ever has. At the lowest point, $2,000 for the 20 week period, most sellers can afford this. A reminder is set up for sellers, and they often call us to ask for a larger price drop.

Questions? Post them at the end of this blog.

Investing in Real Estate on the Plain English Real Estate Show

The Plain English Real Estate posse discuss what they think has led to their success, and we pick up last week's show topic, investing in real estate

Monday, September 3, 2012

Winning Investment Strategies, HOLD authors interviewed by Rowena Patton

Steve Chader and Jimmy McKissack join the Plain English Real Estate Show to share their decades of experience in property investing. Click the video above to listen to the ups - and downs - of their journey.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Take control and get that home sold

Monday, March 5, 2012

What's My Home Worth In Asheville NC?

828 210 1648
Time to give up on old-fashioned real estate to sell your home.

Thinking of selling your home in the Asheville NC area? Patton Property Group sold 60+ homes last year, and we are at 30 pending or closed homes for January and February in 2012! MAKE YOUR HOME ONE OF THESE IN 2012.

Why not make your property more appealing to a buyer’s appetite by garnishing it with a Certification?

Buyers are continuing to test the market, we want to invite them to come out and play the game with us. In a time when buyers are nervous, because they see the distressed properties out there and are afraid that they may end up in the same situation, we would like to offer properties that will create a sense of security and have built in value. By listing properties with a current appraisal on file we send the message to buyers that we understand the competitive market and we really want to sell these homes. Call me to find out more about why an appraisal supports your sale in the transaction process and why buyer agents are attracted to certified homes and are more likely to show them.

Time to step away from old-fashioned real estate, creativity and innovation will get your home sold.

Talk about built-in value - with limited cash flow available to buyers, and buyers spending most of their savings to afford mortgage down payments and closing costs, there is not always a lot of money left on the table to allow for repairs. Remember, buyers tend to be nervous in this market, and with the change in our contract in 2011 adding the due diligence period, they can “walk” from the contract within that period. Call us at 828 419 9115 for more information. Repairs are always a negotiation issue. You have negotiated on the price of your home, without you or the buyer knowing what repairs are necessary.  The inspection will point out safety issues and recommended repairs. You want to know NOW, so that you can repair the little things and choose what to repair on the larger items or disclose them. Get it honest and open, and you create up-front trust with your buyers. Don’t take the chance that they will walk when under contract, or negotiate hard with you for a repair credit, at a time when you don’t have time to shop around for repairs.

Many buyers ask for a home warranty. If you book it at the beginning of the listing, it is charged at closing, and you get free seller’s coverage throughout the life of the listing. This gives us a “marketing lift” where buyers feel a sense of security as you are offering a warranty. Given that you may be asked for one anyway when the offer comes in, this is a way to make use of it throughout the marketing period.

Call our listing team at 828 210 1648
Patton Property Group @ Keller Williams for more information about our approach. Find out what your home is worth and how we market differently.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 8th 2011 Plain English Real Estate with Rowena Patton

Rowena Patton, Scott Raines and Stefanie Beierschmitt discuss marketing techniques and search techniques for buyers and sellers in Asheville NC. Sean Sullivan calls in from the Parade of Homes to give details about his entry. Sean Sullivan who owns Livingstone Construction is the only Asheville winner of the regional Stars building award - he has received this award 4 times!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lake Lure North Carolina Homes For Sale, Patton Property Group

Lake Lure

  • 720-acre lake a short drive from Asheville and Black Mountain
  • Known for its peaceful and pristine waters with mountain views—20 miles of shoreline
  • Lake Lure attracts as many as 10,000 visitors during tourist season
  • Motorized boats permitted
  • Prices range from $200,000 to $6,000,000
Click here for homes and home sites available at Lake Lure

Lake Lure is about 20 minutes South of the restaurant town of Black Mountain, and 40 minutes from Asheville NC and Hendersonville NC. The Town of Lake Lure is a beautiful place to visit and a wonderful place to live; it is the home of over 1,050 permanent residents.

Lake Lure sits in the heart of Hickory Nut Gorge, east of Asheville. The Rocky Broad River flows through a series of rapids down through Hickory Nut Gorge, and the crystal clear water flows through the valley that feeds Lake Lure.

The Town of Lake Lure encompasses 13.25 square miles including the lake with a large central body of deep water, three long bays, an island of seven acres and many small bays and inlets with a background of forest clad hills and mountains. The climate is unusually temperate as Lake Lure lies in the “thermal belt” of the western North Carolina mountains and foothills.

National Geographic has called Lake Lure one of the most beautiful man-made lakes in the world. Visitors come to enjoy the 720 acres of lake, sparkling clean beach area, and the incredible Blue Ridge mountain range including Chimney Rock.

The Town of Lake Lure is a great location for sports including swimming, golfing, hiking or serious rock climbing. You can enjoy a wide variety of water activities, ranging from canoeing and fishing to pleasure boating and water skiing. Both motor and non-motorized boats enjoy the lake; however, a lake permit is required to place a private boat on the lake.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 1st 2011 - Getting Your Home Sold, the Plain English Real Estate Show with Rowena Patton and the posse!

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Listen to Podcast here

Good Morning and welcome to the show......... I'm Rowena Patton..........the phone lines are open for you get in on the show at 240-9962 or 1800-570-9962. Welcome to The Plain English Real Estate show - the show that wants to help you in your financial and real estate goals. Let's give a warm welcome to our real estate posse today (introductions) We will discuss HOW TO GET YOUR HOME SOLD shortly, so if you have any questions dial in at 240-9962 or 1800-570-9962 , or go to our facebook page - find all kinds of links and useful phone numbers at - You can dial in or post your questions online. The real estate experts who are top in their field - are waiting by the phones for your questions about anything real estate related. We are chatting about GETTING HOMES SOLD today - I know that there are a lot of listeners out there who are thinking about putting their home on the market, or are tired of their home still being on the market. There's no more REAL ESTATE AS USUAL if you want to get your property sold. Tell us what you think at 240-9962 or 1 800 570 9962 Before we take questions on this ......

Good morning Holly - let's chat about why we think an appraisal is so important. Let's look at a regular listing process. Buyers expect padding or an over inflation of the price so the buyer can low ball and feel like they are getting a deal. Many sellers give their agents a price to list the home at - or agents do a CMA. Many home buyers in our area are from somewhere else - they are sitting in New York, Florida, Texas and around the country looking at homes on the internet. Many are nervous - what is going to happen in the economy, are prices here stable? Would we all agree that buyers right now are asking about foreclosures, shortsales and bank owned properties Katharina? We need to compete with these categories. We can do this by listing "priced below appraisal" - even if it is a smidgen below - on the MLS. What's more, when we get a contract on your home, the buyer agent can see the appraisal attached to the MLS and use it with their buyer. It would give people a laugh if I put priced below realtor CMA on there
"When we come back from the break we'll be talking about Homes for Heroes and inspections with Katharina, Nadine and Austin, this is the Plain English Real Estate Show on News Radio 570 WWNC

welcome back, I'm Rowena Patton and the phone lines are open for you get in on the show at 240-9962 or 1800-570-9962.---------------- - Explanation of Homes For Heroes, who it is for, 9/11 etc - Ro quickly talks about what the program is?....NADINE - tell us about why a pre-inspection is so important as part of our Patton Property Group Certified program. AUSTIN AND NADINE CHAT BACK AND FORWARD
"When we come back from the break we'll be chatting with the CEO of one of the largest Home Warranty companies in the country and opening the phone lines - call me and the posse at 240-9962, I know some of you are listening around the country so you can call us at 1800-570 9962 - this is the Plain English Real Estate Show on News Radio 570 WWNC

welcome back, I'm Rowena Patton and the phone lines are open for you get in on the show at 240-9962 or 1800-570-9962. We are fortunate to have the CEO of Home Warranty of America with us - good morning David. Tell us why you think offering a home warranty is so important. Nadine - what kind of reception have you had in discussions with clients?

....when we come back from the break we'll be talking about Commercial Real Estate ......this is the Plain English Real Estate Show on News Radio 570 WWNC

Welcome back, I'm Rowena Patton and the phone lines are open for you get in on the show at 240-9962 or 1800-570-9962.-----------------Scott Raines - what's happening in the world of commercial real estate?

Thanks for listening Asheville and those of you listening around the country, and thanks to our real estate posse for being here to answer our questions --------------- join us again next week when we will be discussing ways to get your home sold with social media and other marketing - Tune in and find out at 10am next Saturday. Meanwhile, tell us what you think on our facebook page - go to the website for all the links