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Friday, September 14, 2012

Marketing Examples from Patton Property Group

Type: Blog. Sellers love the opportunity to post "seller says" 

This is a blog site where we post what we call our "listing story boards" - this consists of a walking-tour video, a 'realtor' description of the home, and most importantly, what the "seller says" about the home, their neighborhood, where they eat, shop, etc. The "interview" with the seller is usually done online, with this kind of form

The link to each listing story board is shared with the seller, and the seller is asked to send it out to their entire email list, asking their friends and family to comment on why they love the area. The link can also be posted using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. 

Once the sellers have joined the effort, we reach out to the restaurants, and other venues that the seller has mentioned, and we tell them that "Sarah" has given a shout out to their restaurant, and if they wouldn't mind, it would be great if they could return the favor and post on her blog. We send the link so that they can do that. A personal visit is more powerful - imagine what the restaurant thinks now.....

If you like the way these blogs are put together, and feel the need for some help with educational blogs, check out this link for a demo with getvyral

Questions? Post them at the end of this blog.

Type: Blog. Makes for more interesting email drips and a useful library for team
 This is our educational blog. Postings include market updates, radio show podcasts, topical information. If you need some help in producing a video blog, and topics that go alongside the video, check out getvyral

Main website blog
Type: Blog 
All types of topics go on here, including re-worded postings from the other blog sites

TV: WLOS ABC News 13

Great branding, also useful for drip emails, social media marketing, and a great library for the team
Example of spot
Type: Website

Many 'quick search' or what we call 'easy buttons' and includes video on home page. Thousands of topic pages built over the last 5 years. 

Type: Social Media
Ro uses a personal page,
as well as a business page

Patton Property Group @ KW also has 30 or more 'niche' pages so that we can post specific types of homes, as well as adding advertising to a specific audience.

Questions? Post them at the end of this blog.

Type: Social Media
This is our repository for videos, before we embed them in something else. Every video starts here, and every video is then embedded somewhere else. For example, see client testimonials on website or blogs

Type:Social Media
Tweeting on videos, topics etc

Radio Show
Weekly show on a talk radio station that discusses today's topics in real estate. We have a 'posse' of our 'outside' real estate team, including a builder, loan officer, inspector, appraiser, all of whom add their unique perspective on the topic. Example podcast - we leverage the simple sound podcast to a video with text - creating a landing page. 

If you like the way the podcast is presented (see link above), you may want to check in to BombBomb, who are the company I recommend for video emails. Shockingly easy to use. Remember to use it for landing pages as well as email.

Our Certified approach brings our sellers more money and a faster sale.  Certified = Appraised - Inspected and offering a home warranty.

At the listing appointment, sellers agree to a SIRP - Strategic Incremental Reduction Plan of anywhere between $100 and $10,000 per week for 20 weeks. This keeps the home on the hot list weekly, as well as keeping it going out to property email drips. They can choose to decline the price drop, however noone ever has. At the lowest point, $2,000 for the 20 week period, most sellers can afford this. A reminder is set up for sellers, and they often call us to ask for a larger price drop.

Questions? Post them at the end of this blog.


Nadine Maltz said...

Our website is a very powerful tool, it allows clients to obtain additional education during their real estate transaction. I also love responding to listing inquiries with videos and storyboards instead of MLS sheets with basic data.

Melissa at Patton Property Group said...

As a Buyer's Agent, my clients love to hear how what the seller says about living in their home and community. It's a great tool to help people envision what living in the home will be like.

Stefanie Beierschmitt, buyer's agent said...

I love all the videos of the listings. As a buyer's agent, I often have clients (especially from out of the area) that want more details so they know if the house is worth seeing. The videos provide that in a great way! It definately helps both the buyers and the agents see if the house is a good fit. The website also has so much information that is useful for researching the area, loans, etc

Caroline said...

Our marketing material is very thorough and our clients love the website. From local information to property links you get it all on . The videos and MLS data are also great.

Jane Risberg said...

The Patton Property Group is by far the most visible real estate team in WNC from our multiple websites, Rowena's weekly radio show and NOW TELEVISION. I am privilaged to be a part of this team and I learn something new every week.

Gwen Bowers said...

Our clients love our website because we have so many catagories that they can easily see properties that fit their needs. They can research so many homes before they come. I can pull up their search and review homes with them by phone. When they arrive, we look at areas and quickly eliminate what does not work for them.

Karen Svites said...

The marketing covers such a wide net of information that appeals to all types of people. The internet marketing empire we have makes us a no-brainer choice for listings and an invaluable source of information for buyers.

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